The XS-ART is a compact, portable X-Ray spectrometer combining both XRF and XRD for in situ determination of the chemical and phase composition of cultural heritage objects. Several international patents are pending.

non-intrusive, non-destructive machine goes to objects and not reverse


The Bluetooth Pressure Transducer BTPS005 that we developed for the French University is a step forward to what we believe...

making technology more and more invisible for end-users


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Built upon our common platform to keep the cost down. Future-proof with snap-on communication and software upgradable over the air to protect your investment.


The embedded software is as riskless as the program is only 1K byte. The Host monitoring software is as little as 3K byte and runs on MacOS Linux and Windows.


Hassle-free, simple        Our products are zero-configuration, auto-setup, auto-calibration, auto-diagnostic and auto wireless connexion. All you have to do is to "switch-on and go".


GREY-SOFT is always at the forefront of the fundamental research network. We design, adapt and bring the most recent innovation, the most cutting edge technology, smart solutions and products to our customers with respect to their requirements. We bring differentiations to customers' products/solutions by leveraging on our fundamental research network.
Our  core  competency  lies  in  the  combination of  innovation and  simplicity
and we're constantly striving to make usage of technologies non-intrusive, hassle-free, simple, robust and affordable.
GREY SOFT provides subaquatic, wireless IMU BIO-Feedback solution  for high-level swimming traning with 3D motion tracking and analyzing.


GREY-SOFT in cooperation with its fundamental research network has been awarded by ANR (French National Research Agency) for a new and innovative T-FACE product based on GREY-SOFT BIO-IR Medical Modelling.